2: 1 spoke pattern

When you deliver pressure on the pedals, this gived rotation-power on the gear. This results in unexpected flex of the wheel and inevitable loss of power. Quasar has this classis problem solved with a 2:1 spoke pattern. With a duplication of the spokes in the critic areas.

As result of that there are two spokes, that the function of one fading and torsion restrict. Thanks to this system the spokestress is more even divided between the drive and non-drive side and is the life length of the rim extended.


Tubeless ready

Tubeless wheels can be drove without inner tube, in order that there is no friction between the tube and inner tube. Stootlek belongs to past time with this technology. The missing of the inner tube also results in lesser weight.


6069 Aluminium

For using the 6069 Aluminium we can make a rim that is 50% stronger and can hold a 45% higher tenstion than it’s usually 6061 rim.


UD Carbon

All the Quasar Carbon wheels were made from the highest quality UD [Uni Directional] Carbon. With the result a rim with the highest abele “Strength – to – Weight Ratio”


Cobalt Braking Surface

All the Quasar Carbon wheels are with a Cobalt braking surface, which included 35% more brakepower from the traditional carbon rims, better temperature conductivity and a lower life length.


Ceramic Braking Surface

Best brakepower, and protection for your aluminium rim.


Wide aerodynamic profile

All the Quasar Carbon rims are with a extra wide rimbed and a globe rim, what results in a higher severity and a better globe of the tape. This makes the wheels better for the extra wide tapes. A wider profile also provides for a aerodynamic advantage.


Disc Brake

In 2017 accepted again in the peleton, the discbrake. The best brakepower and dosage.