Over Quasar
About Quasar Quasar was founded by Gijs van Tuyl in 1999 and had as main goal to develop high-end, strong and light wheels with an affordable price. Nowadays the wheels are not only characterized by their beautiful appearance but also their strong performances. The wheels are made within the best circumstances and the best available parts. We attach great value to craftsmanship; therefore our wheels are put together completely by hand. Our rims are made using the latest technologies by renowned professionals. The Quasar rims have a cobalt coating which avoid overheating in the descent. Real masterpieces are the new Quasar hubs. They are running super smooth, light and also make the wheels very stable. The spokes have the same tension on both sides. This ensures a better power transfer. It is all about finding an optimal balance between aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort. Quasar wheels are finished in detail and build to last under heavy circumstances. We offer a 2 year warranty on the hubs, rims and even the bearings which makes us unique. In case of a broken spoke we offer a 5 year spoke warranty. All spare parts are separately available, so whatever happens we will keep you on the road!